Human Capital Management


With this service we can help you and your company cover to all your staff needs.


Working with any periodicity our clients need.

On time Payments

Working with the best banks in order to maintain a excellent good relationship with the employees.

Multiple types of payments according to our clients' policies.

Always complying with worker and law agreements.

Flexibility and an excellent boss-employee relationship.

Personnel Outsourcing


Entrusted with over 400,000 employees, our personnel administration offers:

International Coverage.


Reduced Employer's Contributions costs.

Legal Liability in the event of any claims and related financial audits.

100% tax deductible employees' invoices.


What do we offer?

Fiscal Guidance

Our executives provide the fiscal guidance our clients need, pairing it with the strategy that fits their needs.

Dispersion files for any periodicity

Clients' payroll variations are loaded onto the system, producing accurate dispersion files for any periodicity.

Reports – 24/7

A system access to a system that allows for inquiries about previous payrolls and analytic reports – 24/7.

Accuracy, quality and transparency

Our clients obtain accuracy, quality and transparency in all payroll calculations.

Costs per-employee

Costs are calculated on a per-employee basis, favoring larger staff.